Different art Style in Video Games

Different Art Style in Video Games


Hey everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog! I know I haven’t been posting too much as of late, but I am trying to get better. I promise! I am going to start that today, I thought we could discuss some of the more spectacular art styles used in video games. I know that I normally stick to more classic entertainment like television and movies but I just had to post this. I found a place to  buy second hand video games online here - http://www.used.forsale/. Most of the games have these incredible, original art styles that I just had to pick some up.



This game was the first to use this new art style that is like cell shading.The technique requires hand drawn textures which are then scanned onto a computer and colored with Photoshop. This is combined with software capable of drawing outline stylized like a graphic novel for the characters and objects, and sharpens shadows to make them look more similar to something drawn. The game can be found at a bargain price online, http://www.used.forsale/borderlands is my favourite place for used games.




For those of you who have no one under the age of 18 in your life, Minecraft is a mining and crafting game that has a very old school pixelated arts style. The game was developed by one person so the minimalistic art style is not only understandable, but instantly recognizable. I even found a used Minecraft book at http://www.used.forsale/minecraft-book that used the same art style, and I heard you can get some to help you draw in the same style too!


  Minecraft Sword


Mirror’s Edge

The original Mirror’s Edge came out almost a decade ago now, and was a huge hit. The game had a very ambitious art style, allowing the ability to move around in an urban 3D environment that has seemingly endless potential. A sequel recently came out called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which expanded on this bright arts style even more.


  Mirrors Edge 3d map



Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker

Yes, it did make the list. The iconic Gamecube game that even non gamers recognize from its saturday morning cartoon feeling associated with the cartoonish art style. This game gave me some great crafts ideas actually, and we now a little Zelda on the tree every Christmas.


So, those are my picks for the four most interesting arts styles in video games. Do you guys agree or disagree on any of them? Did I live out one of your favourite artistic games? Let me know in the comments below and I will try to have it answered for you next week. In the meanwhile, why not check out the last post on here about the new Netflix show, Stranger Things? I even have a link for you guys http://www.myaxe.co.uk/stranger-things. Have a great day everyone.