Arts and Crafts Gift ideas

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my Arts and Crafts blog.  I hope everyone is doing well, and is really excited about how fast Christmas is approaching.  If you’re anything like the rest of my family then you’ll have bought all the Christmas presents already and will have had the turkey ordered for the past 3 months.  And if you’re anything like me then you’ll be busy last minute shopping and running around like you’re the headless turkey.  To try and help my last minute shoppers I wanted to share some great last minute Christmas gifts for your little ones that will keep them busy and out of your hair for those necessary hours on Christmas Day.

Arts and Crafts gift ideas.

Beading kits.

I bought my daughter a bead crafting kit online for her birthday last month.  I’d been looking around for ages and found some great deals for here;  There are so many different types of beading kits.  You can buy ones where you actually design and create the individual beads.  Ones where you create bracelets and necklaces, which is the one I got my daughter.  As well as ones where you create images and pictures using small plastic beads, for example these great ones by Hama which you can place side by side to create any picture you want and then just iron on the top and the beads will fused together.  Great for boys and girls alike, and can keep them being imaginative and busy creating away for hours.

beading kits



One of my fondest memories from my Childhood Christmases would be the year me and my sister where bought a Spirograph geometry drawing set.  Being a rather strange child my favourite subjects had always been, and actually still are, art and maths.   Spirograph consists of a couple of large plastic rings, with teeth along the inside.  Then you have a larger number of small sized circles with teeth on the outside.   You then use a pen to spin the smaller circle inside the larger ring using the teeth and a pattern emerges.  

Any child interested in drawing and creating images will love this, as well as those mini mathematicians who like to see maths in action.



Polymer or Modelling clay.

Another great gift choice for a child who loves designing and creating things.

If you’ve ever had to pull our child away from the crafts table when there’s been Play D’oh out then Clay might be the next step up for your child.  They can go from creating a temporary object to creating a permanent object, without losing any of their creativity along the way.  One of the best things about a clay product is that at the end your child will have created something for themselves that they might be able to use everyday.  Perfect Kit for your kids to create their fave characters after your Ghibli Marathon.  Polymer clay

Look out for the kinds which you bake in the oven or leave out for a long time to harden.  Whilst this initially might seem like an extra hassle it will mean that your child can play with the clay for a longer period of time without it hardening on them too quickly and becoming unusable.  


Loom Bands.

Not only that crazy fad from 6/7 years ago.  Loom bands are just as popular than ever and great for children who weren’t too involved in the fad first time around.  There are so many different things you can create with Loom Bands, from the obvious keyring charms and bracelets.  All the way to murals, dresses and miniature figurines.  Although I’m sure you could make the last one life sized if you have the large budget to cover the cost!

Loom Bands

Sewing Kits.

I love sewing.  It’s one of my favourite pasttimes and I’ve recently been fantasizing about how I can expand on my hobby to become something a bit more than jsut leisurely.  (I’m thinking of going to a sewing and fashion course at my local College)  My love for sewing has rubbed off on both of my children.  They love helping me out on my simpler projects, and have created little items of their own.  However one of the best ways I got them interested in sewing was through various different sewing kits.  With my youngest this was through different kits where you could create your own cuddly toy or mini creature.  And for my eldest it was through a pillow making and designing kit, which allowed far more freedom.  No matter what level your kids are at, or how old they are you are guaranteed to find a kit to suit them.


I hope this has helped any last minute gift buyers.  Make sure to check out my latest post on Blue Man Group.  Bye!