Blue Man Group - 25 years on

Blue Man Group - 25 years on


The Blue Man Group have created successful stage productions all around the world, since 1991. They are 3 friends, originally from Manhattan’s lower east side New York.

Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman and Chris Wink. Their performances caught the attention of the US media initially at small venues in New York clubs before getting full time show at Astor Place Theatre. Today they have ongoing shows at venues in Berlin, Chicago, New York and Vegas to name a few. They currently employ over 500 staff and revenues are exceeding $100m.  The Blue Man Group are a big ticket production company no doubt.


The original Blue Man characters apparently came about as there were violent episodes on the streets of New York. The trio wanted to form a character who looked angry and fearsome to cops or gang bangers. The characater (see pic) has no ears and never speaks.


On average, over 2 million people attend their shows each year. Madame Tussauds in New York has recently unveiled models of them. Not only are they talented stage performers, with brilliantly produced shows, they have recorded 5 audio albums, some on bizarre home made instruments. They shows are full of energy and audience engagement, but many New York theatre goers nowadays feel they have sold out a little. They don’t seem to care and were quoted as saying ‘we were never meant to be avant garde anyway’.


To celebrate 25 years in the Industry they got to switch the lights on the Empire State Building blue for the night, that’s a pretty impressive way to say thank you for your services to US modern performing arts!